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 SQJ850EP-T1_GE3 power MOSFET of VISHAY (W) has N channel FET type device.Its maximum power consumption is 45W(Tc)


The assembly will be shipped in tape and scroll packaging in SOIC-8.   For efficient installation and safe delivery.   The MOSFET transistor has a


minimum operating temperature of-55C and a maximum operating temperature of 175C.   The N-channel MOSFET transistor operates in enhanced


mode.  The device uses MOSFET (metal oxide),  a leakage source voltage (Vdss) of 60V,   and a continuous drain current (Ids) 24A The maximum


drive voltage RdsOn is 4.5V,   the minimum Rds On is 10V,   Rds On (maximum) at Vgs,   23 ms @ 10.3A, 10V,   the chip is used for automotive class,


AEC-Q101, Trenc.