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The TPS929120QPWPRQ1 is a 12-channel, 40V high-side LED driver that controls 8-bit output current and 12-bit PWM duty cycle.The TPS929120QPWPRQ1 device meets multiple regulation requirements with single LED short diagnostics, LED open circuit, and short to ground. A configurable watchdog can automatically set a fail-safe state when the MCU connection is lost, and through the programmable EEPROM, the TPS929120QPWPRQ1 device can be flexibly set for different application scenarios.

The TPS929120QPWPRQ1 device features 12-channel precision high-side current output, resistor-programmable channel current up to 7mA, 500mV low dropout at 500mA, 12-bit PWM dimming, and programmable PWM frequency up to 20 kHz.

The need for animation in automotive lighting has been increasing, and independent control of LEDs has become a must. Therefore, an LED driver with a digital interface is a top priority for efficiently driving pixel-controlled lighting applications.

In exterior lighting, multiple lamp functions are usually located on different PCB boards with off-board wires connected. Traditional single-ended interfaces have difficulty meeting stringent EMC requirements. Using the industry standard CAN physical layer, the UART-based FlexWire interface of the TPS929120QPWPRQ1 device enables easy off-board communication over long distances without compromising EMC.
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