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XCF04SVOG20C chip family is a home home: memory for storing  large Xilinx FPGA configuration bit streams. Its system has programmable flash devices for Xilinx FPGA, IEEE standard 1149.1/1532,dedicated boundary scanning (JTAG) support for programming, prototyping and testing cascades for storing longer or more bit streams,compatible with a voltage level range from + 1.5V to + 3.3V.

XCF04SVOG20C chip features;

-Low-power consumption and advanced CMOS NOR flash memory process.

-Durability of 20,000 programming cycles.

-Storage capacity: 4Mb.

-Power supply voltage: 3 V ~ 3.6 V.

-Operating temperature: -40 C ~ 85 C.


-Package / enclosure: 20-TSSOP.

-Packaging: pipe fittings.

-Number of needles and feet; 20.

-Memory capacity; 500,000 B.

-Installation mode; Surface Mount.

-Number of pins; 20.

The  XCF04SVOG20C chips are applied to computers, etc.

The company provides more Xilinx brand series of short-end chips, only for the original packaging

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