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The UCC27524AQDGNRQ1 device is a dual-channel, high-speed, low-side, machine-polarized driver, a device capable of efficiently driving metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) and insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) power switches.

For added robustness, the UCC27524AQDGNRQ1 adds the ability to handle -5V directly on the input pins, it is capable of delivering high peak current pulses up to 5A source and 5A sink to capacitive loads, and it also has rail-to-rail capability The drive capability and the extremely small propagation delay of 13ns typical, greatly increase the stability and durability.

The UCC27524A-Q1 is a dual non-inverting driver that uses an internal design that greatly reduces breakdown current.

In addition, the UCC27524AQDGNRQ1 has an internal propagation delay that is matched between the two channels, which makes the UCC27524AQDGNRQ1 ideal for applications such as synchronous rectifiers that have stringent timing requirements for dual gate drives. This also allows two channels to be connected in parallel, effectively increasing the current drive capability or driving two switches in parallel with a single input signal.

Input pin thresholds are based on TTL and CMOS compatible low voltage logic that is fixed and independent of the VDD supply voltage. Wide hysteresis between high and low thresholds provides excellent noise immunity.