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The TPS92630QPWPRQ1 device is a three-channel linear LED driver with analog and PWM dimming control, full diagnostics, and built-in protection, ideal for variable intensity LED lighting (up to mid-power range) applications.

Within the power capability of the TPS92630QPWPRQ1 device, the TPS92630QPWPRQ1 device is ideal for driving LEDs configured as a single string or multiple strings. A single TPS92630QPWPRQ1 device is capable of driving up to 3 strings (1 to 3 LEDs in each string) with a total current of up to 150mA per channel. The outputs can be paralleled if a higher current drive capability up to 450mA is desired.

In the application of multiple light strings, the TPS92630QPWPRQ1 device can support the common cathode connection of LED light strings, which is the advantage of this device. Therefore, this type of application does not require a return line for each LED string like other systems that perform low-side current sensing. Only one return line is required, reducing cost and footprint.

The TPS92630QPWPRQ1 device features a temperature monitor that reduces the LED drive current when the device junction temperature exceeds a temperature threshold. The user can program the temperature threshold with an external resistor.

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