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The TPS92515QDGQRQ1 device is a compact monolithic switching regulator integrating a low resistance N-channel metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET). The device operates with constant off-time and peaks current control: after an off-time based on the output voltage, the on-time begins. The on time ends as soon as the inductor peak current threshold is reached.

The TPS92515QDGQRQ1 device is ideal for maintaining linear response over the entire shunt FET dimming range because it is configured to maintain constant peak-to-peak ripple during the on and off times of the shunt FET dimming cycle.

Steady-state accuracy is guaranteed with the support of a low-offset high-side comparator. The TPS92515QDGQRQ1 device can modulate LED current using either analog or PWM dimming techniques alone, or both techniques simultaneously. The device also features Undervoltage lockout (UVLO), wide input voltage operation, inherent LED open-circuit operation, thermal shutdown, and a wide operating temperature range. The input voltage of the

TPS92515QDGQRQ1 device can be up to 42V, and it offers high-voltage options with input voltages up to 65V.

The TPS92515QDGQRQ1 device is suitable for high-brightness LED lighting applications where high efficiency, high bandwidth, PWM and/or analog dimming, and small size are important.