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The TPS7A4001DGNR is an ultra-high withstand voltage linear regulator that combines the benefits of a thermally enhanced package (HVSSOP) with the ability to withstand continuous DC voltage or transient input voltages up to 100V.
The TPS7A4001DGNR is stable (overtemperature and surge protection) with output capacitance >4.7 µF and input capacitance >1 µF. Given the small package size (HVSSOP) and the possibility of using smaller output capacitors, very little board space is required to implement this device.
The TPS7A4001DGNR also provides an enable pin (EN) compatible with standard CMOS logic to enable low current shutdown mode.
The TPS7A4001DGNR features an internal thermal shutdown and current limit to protect the system during fault conditions. The operating temperature range of the HVSSOP package is TJ= -40°C to 125°C.
In addition, the TPS7A4001DGNR can generate low-voltage power supplies from intermediate voltage rails in telecom and industrial applications.
The TPS7A4001DGNR not only provides a fully regulated voltage rail but can withstand high-speed voltage transients and remain in regulation.
These features represent a simpler and more efficient electrical surge protection circuit, making the TPS7A4001DGNR the preferred choice in applications such as PoE, bias power, and LED lighting.

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