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The TPS53015DGSR device is a single-channel, adaptive on-time D-CAP2TM mode synchronous step-down converter that can support a wide input voltage range of 3V to 28V with PGOOD capability.

The main control loop of the TPS53015DGSR device uses D-CAP2TM mode control for an extremely fast transient response without the need for external compensation components. Adaptive on-time control allows the seamless transition between Eco-modeTM operation at light loads and PWM mode at higher loads. Eco-modeTM mode of operation enables the TPS53015DGSR device to maintain high efficiency under lighter load conditions.

The TPS53015DGSR device can also accommodate low equivalent series resistance (interrupter) output capacitors (such as POSCAP or SP-caps) and ultra-low interrupter ceramic capacitors. The TPS53015DGSR device features an input voltage of 4.5V to 185V and an output voltage of 0.77V to 7V for convenient and efficient operation; packaged in a 3mm × 3mm 10-pin interrupter (DGS) package, it is rated for an ambient temperature range of – 40°C to 85°C.

The TPS53015DGSR device enables system designers to complete a suite of various end-equipment power bus regulators with a cost-effective, low standby current, and low external component count solution for low-power system point-of-load regulation in a variety of applications, such as digital TV power supplies, network home terminal equipment, digital set-top boxes (set-top boxes) – DVD players/recorders and game consoles, etc.