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The TLV320AIC3104 is one of the models of the TEXAS INSTRUMENTS audio chip, First of all, it is the most classic advanced codecs Codes and under single-end or distinguished configurations, The range of devices includes multiple inputs and US-based outputs.

The source control voltage of 48kHz DAC simulates the low voltage control at a 3.3V power supply of 14mW, which is therefore ideal for battery-powered audio and telephone applications.

 The recording path of TLV3204 includes the frequency device, multiplex IC during the control of video input and playback, to provide multiple multiple simulations in the recording (scene) of the camera can smell the noise in the lens. There are many uses in the lens channel, and different lenses can be distinguished from the lens. DAC and select the input, via audio control to the output.

 TEXAS INSTRS TLV320AICKSPS, QFN-32 TV encoder TLV320AICKS, 34IR, 96th bit, QFN-32 Audio bI audio interface C 24, N32-VQF (N32-VQF) LV320AIC3104 main applications: headphones, IP webcam, IP phone, wireless listening and so on…