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The DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 deserializer uses FPD-LinkIII to transmit 12-bit data at 100MHz, suitable for 1MP/60fps and 2MP/30fps cameras. The DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 converts the FPD-LinkIII stream to a parallel CMOS output interface designed to support up to 12-bit 100MHz automotive image sensors at 1MP/60fps and 2MP/30fps resolutions.

The DS90UB934-Q1 FPD-LinkIII deserializer works with the DS90UB913A/933-Q1 serializer to support video transmission needs with an ultra-high-speed forward channel and an embedded bidirectional control channel. The DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 chipset is AEC-Q100 qualified and designed to receive data over 50Ω single-ended coaxial cable or 100Ω shielded twisted pair (STP) cable assemblies.

Because the DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 device uses an advanced adaptive equalizer, it can support various cable lengths and types without additional programming. The DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 is an improvement over previous generations of ADASFPD-LinkIII deserializer devices such as the DS90UB914A-Q1, with higher bandwidth support and additional enhancements.

The DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 device is suitable for security and surveillance cameras, industrial and medical imaging, and rear-view cameras (RVC), surround view systems (SVS), camera monitoring systems (CMS), front view cameras (FC), driver monitoring systems (DMS), satellite radar module.