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The BQ24161RGET device is a highly integrated single-cell Li-Ion battery charger and system power path management device, which is suitable for high-capacity battery portable applications where space is limited.

The BQ24161RGET device has dual inputs and can be operated from a USB port or higher wattage input power (i.e. AC adapter or wireless charging input), enabling a versatile solution. Both inputs are fully isolated from each other and can be easily selected using the I 2 C interface.

The power path management feature enables the BQ24161RGET device to power the system through a high-efficiency DC-DC converter while charging the battery independently. The power path management architecture enables the system to operate in the presence of a defective or non-existing battery pack, enabling instant system startup even with a fully discharged battery or no battery.

The BQ24161RGET device is compatible with MaxLife™ technology for faster charging when combined with the BQ27530; available in a 4mmx4mm VQFN-24 package.