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The VNQ5160KTR-E device is a monolithic device fabricated with STMicroelectronics VIPower™ M0-5 technology and is a quad high-side driver for automotive applications.

The VNQ5160KTR-E device is designed to drive resistive or inductive loads with one side grounded. An active VCC pin voltage clamp protects the device from low energy spikes.

When STAT_DIS is left open or driven low, the device detects an open load condition in both on and off states. Output shorted to VCC detected in off state. When STAT_DIS is driven high, the STATUS pin is in a high impedance state. The output current limit protects the device in overload conditions.

Under prolonged overload conditions, the VNQ5160KTR-E device limits the power dissipated to a safe level until thermal shutdown intervenes. Thermal shutdown with auto-restart allows equipment to resume normal operation as soon as the fault condition disappears.