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ST L7812CV 12V,1.5A positive voltage regulator, TO-220-3 package This voltage regulator can provide voltage stabilization on the floor, eliminating the interference problem caused by a single point of voltage stabilization. It uses internal current limits, heat shutdown, and safe area protection functions to be extremely powerful. With enough heat dissipation function, it can deliver more than 1A output current. Although originally designed as a fixed voltage regulator, this device can be used for external elements to obtain an adjustable voltage and current.

     L7812CV parameter specifications;

•Power Supply Voltage (DC): 30.0V (max)

•Input voltage (DC): 27.0V (max)

•Number of output interfaces:  1

•Output voltage :  12 V

•Output current :  1.5 A

•Power supply current : 8 mA

•Drop voltage :  2V @1A

•Input voltage (Max) :  35 V

•Output voltage (Max) :  12.25 V

•Pound number:  3

•Package : TO-220-3

•Operating temperature :  0℃ ~ 125℃

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