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  L7805CV is a voltage stabilizer composed of the constant current source, amplifier circuit, and regulating tube designed by STMicroelectronics. making it suitable for various applications. These voltage regulators can provide local card adjustment, eliminating interference problems. Each type has built-in internal current limiting, thermal shutdown, and safe area protection, making it essentially indestructible.
The device has sufficient heat dissipation to provide more than 1A of output current. Although the device is primarily designed as a fixed voltage regulator, it can also regulate voltage and current when used with external components.
When the input voltage of the device changes, the output voltage remains the same. The quiescent current is 8mA. Its output current is as high as 1.5A, no external compensation components are required, and the current limiting protection is included, which can effectively prevent the load short circuit and avoid burning components. Using a 3pin small package TO-220, it is convenient and safe to pay, and the maximum operating temperature of the device is 125℃.