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103dB 4-Channel Software-Controlled Audio ADC With Universal Front End


Features for the PCM1864


  • High SNR Performance:
    • 110-dB SNR (PCM1861/63/65)
    • 103-dB SNR(PCM1860/62/64)
  • ADC Sample Rate (fS) = 8 kHz to 192 kHz
  • Up To Four Independent ADC Channels Available
  • Single-Ended, 2.1-VRMS Full-Scale (FS) Input
  • Differential, 4.2-VRMS FS Input
  • Hardware (HW) Control: PCM1860/61
  • Software (SW) Control (I2C or SPI):
  • Support for Up To Four Digital Microphones
    (SW-Controlled Devices)
  • Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA):
    • Fixed Gain: 0 dB, 12 dB, 32 dB
    • SW-Controlled Gain: –12 dB to +32dB
  • Integrated High-Performance Audio PLL
  • Single 3.3-V Power-Supply Operation
  • Power Dissipation at 3.3 V:
    • < 85 mW (PCM1860/61/62/63)
    • <145 mW (PCM1864/65)
  • Energysense Audio Content Detector for Auto System Wakeup and Sleep
  • Master or Slave Audio Interface
  • Automatic PGA Clipping Suppression Control
  • PCB-Footprint Compatibility Across All Devices


Description for the PCM1864


The PCM186x family (PCM1860, PCM1861, PCM1862, PCM1863, PCM1864, and PCM1865) of audiofront-end devices take a new approach to audio-function integration to ease compliance withEuropean Ecodesign legislation, while enabling high-performance end products at reduced cost. ThePCM186x support single-supply operation at 3.3 V, and offer an integrated programable gainamplifier (PGA) in a small package; this configuration makes it feasible to implement smaller andsmarter products at a reduced cost.

The PCM186x audio front end supports single-ended input levels from small-mV microphoneinputs to 2.1-VRMS line inputs, without external resistor dividers. Thefront-end mixer (MIX), multiplexer (MUX), and PGA also support differential (Diff),pseudo-differential, and single-ended (SE) inputs, making these devices an ideal interface forproducts that require interference suppression. The PCM186x integrate many system-level functionsthat assist or replace some DSP functions.

An integrated band-gap voltage reference provides excellent PSRR, so that a dedicatedanalog 3.3-V rail may not be required.