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The LAN8710AI-EZK is a low-power 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX physical layer (PHY) transceiver with variable I/O voltages and IEEE 802.3-2005 compliant.

The LAN8710AI-EZK supports communication with the Ethernet MAC via the standard MII (IEEE802.3u)/RMII interface. It features a full-duplex 10-BASE-T/100BASE-TX transceiver that supports 10Mbps (10BASE-T) and 100Mbps (100BASE-TX) operation. The LAN8710AI-EZK implements auto-negotiation, which automatically determines the optimal speed and duplex mode of operation. HPAuto-MDIX support allows the use of direct connects or crossover LAN cables. The LAN8710AI-EZK supports IEEE 802.3-2005 compliant and vendor-specific registration functions that do not require register access for operation.

All digital interface pins are 3.6V tolerant according to the IEEE 802.3-2005 standard. The LAN8710AI-EZK can be configured to operate on a single 3.3V supply with an integrated 3.3V to 1.2V linear regulator. The linear regulator can be optionally disabled, allowing the use of a high-efficiency external regulator to reduce system power consumption.

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