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The KSZ8863RLLI is a highly integrated 3-port switch IC with the industry’s smallest footprint. The KSZ8863RLLI mainly supports a new generation of low port count, cost-sensitive, and energy efficient 10/100Mbps switch systems.

The KSZ8863RLLI combines low power consumption, advanced power management, and sophisticated QoS features such as IPv6 prioritization support, making the KSZ8863RLLI ideal for IPTV, IP-STB, VoIP, automotive and industrial applications.

The KSZ8863RLLI also supports today’s green-required switching systems. It comes with advanced power management schemes including software power-down, per-port power-down, and an energy-detection mode that shuts down the transceiver when the port is idle.

The KSZ8863RLLI also provides bypass mode, which is it can also achieve system-level power saving. In this mode, the processor connected to the switch through the MII interface can be shut down without affecting the normal operation of the switch.