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Fairchild  HCPL0638 is a high-speed logic door product from Fairchild  ,  HCPL0638-10MBit / s Logic Dual Channel High Performance

Photoelectric Coupler-High-speed Logic Door-High Performance Optical Coupler-Fairchild (Fairchild Semiconductor)  ,The HCPL06XX

photocoupler includes AlGaASLED  ,  a LED optically coupled to an ultra-high-speed integrated photodetector logic gate (single-channel device) with

an optional pass output  .  These devices are packaged in compact and small-size packages  .  The output has an open-circuit collector electrode  , thus

allowing a wired OR output.HCPL0600  ,  HCPL0601 and HCPL0611 outputs contain bipolar transistors based on the bipolar process  , while

HCPL0637  ,  HCPL0638 and HCPL0639 outputs contain bipolar transistors based on the CMOS process to reduce power consumption  .The

coupling parameters are ensured in the temperature range of-40 C to + 85 C.Internal noise shielding provides excellent co-mode suppression.

 Fairchild The HCPL0638 product features;

-Compact SO8 package

-Superspeed 10 MBit / s

-outstanding CMR

-Fanning out is 8 from-40 C to + 85 C                                                                                               

-Logic gate output

-Optional pass output (single-channel device)

-Wearred OR open-circuit collector electrode

-L. Certification (Document No. E90700)

Fairchild HCPL0638 specification.;

-Up / down time; 17ns, 5ns

-Output voltage; 7.00 V

-Output current; 0.015 A

-Forward voltage; 1.75V (Max)

-Input current; 15 mA

-Disseminated power; 85 mW

-Data rate; 10.0 Mbps

-Isolation voltage; 3,750 V r m s

-Forward current (Max); 50 mA

-Down voltage; 5 V

-Power supply voltage; 4.5V ~ 5.5V

Pin Diagram

-Number of channels; 2

-Number of pins; 😯

-perating temperature; -40℃ ~ 85℃

-Enclosure; SOIC-8

Fairchild HCPL0638 Application;

-Power generation and distribution

-Industrial grade motor