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Multi-chemistry Impedance Track™ standalone fuel gauge | battery gas gauge


Features for the BQ34Z100-G1


  • Supports Li-ion, LiFePO4, PbA, NiMH, and NiCd chemistries
  • Capacity estimation using patented Impedance Track™ technology for batteries from 3 V to 65 V
    • Aging compensation
    • Self-discharge compensation
  • Supports battery capacities up to 29 Ah with standard configuration options
  • Supports charge and discharge currents up to 32 A with standard configuration options
  • External NTC thermistor support
  • Supports two-wire I2C and HDQ single-wire communication interfaces with host system
  • SHA-1/HMAC authentication
  • One- or four-LED direct display control
  • Five-LED and higher display through port expander
  • Reduced power modes (typical battery pack operating range conditions)
      • NORMAL operation: < 145-µA average
      • SLEEP: < 84-µA average
      • FULL SLEEP: < 30-µA average
  • Package: 14-pin TSSOP


Description for the BQ34Z100-G1


The BQ34Z100-G1 device is an Impedance Track™ fuel gauge for Li-ion, PbA, NiMH, and NiCd batteries, and works independently of battery series-cell configurations. Batteries from 3 V to 65 V can be easily supported through an external voltage translation circuit that is controlled automatically to reduce system power consumption.

The BQ34Z100-G1 device provides several interface options, including an I2C slave, an HDQ slave, one or four direct LEDs, and an ALERT output pin. Additionally, the BQ34Z100-G1 provides support for an external port expander for more than four LEDs.