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Standalone 1-6 cell Buck battery charge controller with 5V-28V input


Features for the BQ24610


  • 600-kHz NMOS-NMOS Synchronous buck converter
  • Stand-alone charger support for li-ion or li-polymer
  • 5-V to 28-V VCC Input operating range and supports 1- to 6-battery cells (BQ24610)
  • 5-V to 24-V VCC Input operating range and supports 1- to 5-battery cells (BQ24617)
  • Up to 10-A charge current and adapter current
  • High-accuracy voltage and current regulation
    • ±0.5% Charge voltage accuracy
    • ±3% Charge current accuracy
    • ±3% Adapter current accuracy
  • Integration
    • Automatic system power selection from adapter orbattery
    • Non Power Path option for low total BOM cost
    • Internal loop compensation and soft start
    • Dynamic power management
  • Safety protection
    • Input overvoltage protection
    • Battery thermistor sense hot and cold charge suspend
    • Battery detection
    • Reverse protection input FET
    • Programmable safety timer
    • Charge overcurrent protection
    • Battery short protection
    • Battery overvoltage protection
    • Thermal shutdown
  • Status Outputs
    • Adapter present
    • Charger operation status
  • Charge enable pin
  • 6-V Gate drive for synchronous buck converter
  • Energy star low quiescent current Iq
    • < 15-µA Off-state battery discharge current
    • < 1.5-mA Off-state input quiescent current


Description for the BQ24610


The BQ2461x is a highly integrated Li-ion, Li-polymer or Lead-acid switched-mode batterycharge controller. The device offers a constant-frequency synchronous switching PWM controller withhigh-accuracy charge current and voltage regulation, charge preconditioning, termination, adaptercurrent regulation, and charge status monitoring.


The BQ2461x charges the battery in three phases: preconditioning, constant current, andconstant voltage.


Charge is terminated when the current reaches a minimum user-selectable level. Aprogrammable charge timer provides a safety backup. The BQ2461x automatically restarts the chargecycle if the battery voltage falls below an internal threshold, and enters a low quiescent currentsleep mode when the input voltage falls below the battery voltage.