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The MC33035DWR2G device is a high-performance second-generation monolithic brushless DC motor controller. It comes with all the active features needed to implement a fully functional open loop, three- or four-phase motor control system.
The MC33035DWR2G device includes a frequency programmable sawtooth oscillator, three open collector top drivers, a rotor position decoder for proper commutation sequencing, a temperature compensated reference capable of supplying sensor power, and three high current totem pole bottoms drivers. So, the MC33035DWR2G device is ideal for driving power MOSFETs.
The MC33035DWR2G device has protection features including a cycle-by-cycle current limit with selectable time-delayed latch shutdown mode, Undervoltage lockout, and a unique fault output that can be connected to a microprocessor control system, and internal thermal shutdown.
The MC33035DWR2G device is designed to operate at 60°/300° or 120°/240° electrical sensor phases, and it can also efficiently control brushed DC motors.
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