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NXP  SPC5744PFK1AMLQ9  series features a 32-bit embedded power architecture, the ®.It

meets the highest functional safety standards for automotive and industrial functional safety

applications.Integrated security architecture minimizes loss of additional software and developers

programmable fault collection and control unit (FCCU) monitors device integrity status and

provides flexible security state control end-to-end error correction code (e2eECC) improves fault

tolerance and detection Part of ® program to achieve functional safety standards compliance

Full-functional device start and software development.

Characteristics of the NXP SPC5744PFK1AMLQ9 chip;

-The LFASTSIPI supports dual-channel FlexRay™ controllers,

-Operating frequency [Maximum]; 180 (MHz)

-Ambient operating temperature (minimum-maximum); -40℃ ~ 125℃

-Needles count; 144

-Clock frequency; 200 MHz

-RAM size; 384 KB

-Number; 32

-Disdissipative power; 1600(Min)mW

-Digital (ADC); 4

-Input / output number; 79 Input

-Power supply voltage (Max); 3.6 V

-Package; LQFP-144

-Application field of NXP SPC5744PFK1AMLQ9 chip in automotive electronics.