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NXP  SPC5643LF2MLQ1 is a system 32-bit monolithic controller based on a high-performance e200z4d dual-core CPU. The device is built on

power architecture technology and includes enhancements to an improved architecture suitable for embedded applications, including additional

instruction support and integration technologies for digital signal processing, such as enhanced time processor units, enhanced queue ADC, CAN,

and enhanced modular input and output systems. The advanced host processor core of the MPC5643L Automotive Controller family conforms to the

Power Architecture embedded category. It works at speeds of up to 120MHz, and provides high-performance processing optimized for low power

consumption. It leverages the available development infrastructure for current power architecture equipment, and supports software drivers, operating

systems, and configuration code to aid in user implementation.

NXP   SPC5643LF2MLQ1 chip The characteristics of;

-High-performance e200z335 Core Processor

-The 32-bit power architecture technology is a CPU


-Double-release and five-stage assembly line core

-Variable-length encoding (VLE)

-Memory management snap-in (MMU)

-4KB instruction cache, with error detection code

-Signal Processing Engine (SPE)

-The built-in RWW feature was used for the EEPROM simulation

-SIL3 / ASILD Innovative security concept-locking mode and fault security protection

-Replication range (SoR) for key components (e. g. CPU kernel, eDMA, cross switch)

-16-Zone Memory Protection Unit (MPU)

-Clock monitoring unit (CMU), Power Management unit (PMU), cyclic redundancy check (CRC) unit

-Uncoupling parallel mode, can achieve high performance use of replication kernel

-The Nexus Class 3 + interface

-Replicated 16-priority controller

-Replicated by a 16-channel eDMA controller

-The GPIO can be programmed separately as an input, output, or special function

-Three 6-channel universal eTimer units

-2 FlexPWM Units

-Frequency; 120 MHz

-Voltage-Power Supply (Vcc / Vdd);3V〜5.5V

-Needles count; 144

-Clock frequency; 120 MHz

-RAM size; 128 KB

-Number; 32

-Disseminated power; 1,500 m W

-FLASH memory capacity; 1,024 K B

-Digital (ADC); 2

-Disdissipative power (Max); 1500 mW

-Package; LQFP-144

-Operating temperature; -40℃ ~ 125℃

Application field of NXP   SPC5643LF2MLQ1 chips ; Automotive, embedded design and development.