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The NXP SPC5634MF2MLQ80 provides enhanced powertrain capabilities for entry-level automotive and industrial applications.It also

addresses strict cost constraints for engine and transmission suppliers focused on emerging markets.Support up to four-cylinder engines, achieve

strict but affordable emissions control, and increase the economy and power by 3% to 5%, easy to assemble and inspect (no infrared and X-ray

technology required), and help reduce costs with a single linear power supply.

Characteristics of the NXP SPC5634MF2MLQ80 chip;

The 40,60, and 80 MHz options are the Power Architecture?The e200z3 kernel

Up to 1.5 MB Flash memory, with error correction code (ECC)

A 16-channel eMIOS with unified channels

Timed input / output channel

111 KB Total SRAM

32 channel eTPU2

variable gain amplifier

Ultra-reliable MCU

decimation filter

Parameters of the NXP SPC5634MF2MLQ80 chip;

Maximum operating temperature (Max): 150℃

Minimum operating temperature (Min): -40℃

Moto-digital conversion number (ADC): 2

Disdissipative power (Max): 1500 mawatts

Maximum power supply voltage; 1.32V

Minimum power supply voltage; 1.14V

Installation method: surface mounting

No different state: halogen-free

Memory size: 94 KB

Enclosure: LQFP-144

Face number: 144