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NXP SPC5606BK0MLQ6 has a 32-bit CPU Core complex (e200z0h),   which fits the power architecture and includes an instruction set

enhancement and allows variable length coding (VLE) to reduce code size footprint.  It enables significant encoding through the optional encoding of

the 16-bit and 32-bit hybrid instructions,  and the code size reduces the occupied space.  The device has an interrupt controller (INTC) of interrupt

vectors,  including 20 external interrupt sources and 18 external interrupt / wake sources for concurrent access to the peripheral,  flash,  or SRAM

horizontal switch architecture from multiple bus hosts,  and guide auxiliary module (BAM) supporting internal Flash programming via a serial link

(CAN or SCI).  The device has a Flash controller and ECC support for 256KB,  Data Flash on the 64KB chip with ECC,  Up to 16KB of on-chip SRAM

with ECC,  The device timer supports the input / output channel,  Provides a 16-bit input capture,  output comparison,  and pulse width modulation

function (eMIOS-lite),  The chip has a 33-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC),  2 Serial Perimeter Interface (DSPI) modules,  The 3 serial

communication interface (LINFlex) modules,  Enhanced full CAN (FlexCAN) module with a configurable buffer,  Up to 79 configurable universal pins,

Support for input and output operations  (package-dependent)  The chip live counter  (RTC) ,   clock source from 128kHz or 16MHz internal RC

oscillator,  supports automatic wake up,  1ms resolution,   maximum timeout of 2 seconds,   up to 4 cycle interrupt timer  (PIT)  ,   32 bit counter

resolution,  system timer module (STM),  device / circuit board boundary scan test supported by IEEE (IEEE1149.1),   voltage regulator (VREG),

adjusts all internal levels of input power  .

The RAM size of the NXP SPC5606BK0MLQ6 chip is 80 KB,  and the FLASH memory capacity is 1,024 k B,  Modulo-to-digital conversion

number (ADC) is 1,  the minimum power supply voltage  is 3 V,  the maximum power supply voltage is 5.5 V,  the lowest temperature is-40℃,  the

highest temperature is 125℃,  the pin number is 144, package,  LQFP-144,  the chip is mainly used in the automotive pole .