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The NXP SPC5606BF1MLQ6 is a 32-bit chip system (SoC) microcontroller, the latest achievement of an integrated automotive application controller. It belongs to an expanding family of car-focused products, addressing the next wave of body electronics applications.

The automotive controller series uses advanced e200z0h host processor cores consistent with power architecture technology, enabling only the VLE (variable long coding) APU (auxiliary processor unit), providing improved code density. It works at speeds of up to 64MHz and provides high-performance processing optimized for low power consumption. It leverages the available development infrastructure for current power architecture equipment and supports software drivers, operating systems, and configuration code to aid user implementation.

 NXP SPC5606BF1MLQ6 chip features;

-Single problem, the 32-bit CPU core complex (e200z0h).

-Memory protection unit (MPU) with 8 area descriptors and 32 bytes of area granularity.

-Interrupt Controller (INTC) capable of handling 204 optional priority outage sources;

-FM phase-locked ring (FMPLL);

-Bar-switch architecture;

-2 ADC-One 10-bit and One 12-bit;

-Cross-trigger units to enable the synchronization of the ADC transformation;

-The Serial Perimeter Interface (DSPI) module;

-The Serial Communication Interface (LINFlex) module;

-Enhanced full CAN (FlexCAN) module with a configurable buffer;

-Periodic Interruption Timer (PIT) with 32-bit counter resolution;

-Nexus Development Interface (NDI) according to the IEEE-ISTO5001-2003 Class 2 + Equipment/circuit board boundary scanning test;

-On-chip voltage regulator (VREG) for adjusting the input power supply;

-Frequency; 64 MHz

-Power Supply Voltage (DC);3.00V (min)

-Needles count; 144

-Clock frequency; 64.0 MHz

-RAM size; 80 KB

-FLASH memory capacity; 1,024 kB

-Digital (ADC); 4

-Input / output number; 121 Input

-Power supply voltage (Max); 5.5 V

-Number of Pins; 144

-Package; LQFP-144

-Operating temperature; -40℃ ~ 125℃ (TA)