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ULN2003AN is a non-gate circuit, consisting of 7 units, including 7 units, but each unit alone can drive the current up to 350mA. In the last reference circuit, 9 feet can be suspended.

ULN2003AN is a high-voltage, high-current composite transistors array, composed of seven silicon NPN composite transistors, each pair of Darlington connecting a 2.7K base resistance. At an operating voltage of 5V, it can be directly connected to the TTL and CMOS circuits, and can directly process the data that originally required a standard logic buffer.

The ULN2003AN not only has the high-voltage co-emission and the collector open-circuit output but also has the ordinary cathode-clamp diodes used for converting the inductive load. not only… but. ULN2003AN is also a high-current drive array, mostly used in single-chip microcomputers, intelligent instruments, PLCs, digital output cards,s, and other control circuits. Can directly drive the relay and other loads.

The ULN2003AN uses a two-column 16-foot package, NPN transistor matrix, maximum drive voltage =50V, current =500mA, input voltage =5V, suitable for TTL COMS, and consists of Darlington tubes. The ULN is an integrated Darlington tube IC, also integrated with a silencer coil anti electric momentum diode, whose output allows through a current of 200mA, saturation pressure drop VCE is about 1V, and pressure withstand BVCEO is about 36V.

The external load of the user output port can be estimated based on the above parameters. Using the collector open circuit output, the output current is large, so it can directly drive the relay or solid relay, and can also directly drive the low-voltage bulb. Usually, when the MCU drives the ULN2003AN, the pull-up resistance of the 2K is more appropriate, and the COM pin should be suspended or connected to the power supply.

   ULN2003AN Features;

•At 350mA collector current, the collector to emitter saturation voltage: 1.2V

•For 350mA collector current, turn-on input voltage: 3V

•Collector current (Ic): 500mA

•Compatible with multiple types of logical inputs

•Operating temperature range: -20 C to 70 C

•High voltage output: 50V