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The Texas Instruments TXB0104RUTR 4-bit, package bit UQFN-12 level-converter can control and allow the appropriate input voltage to enter your electronic circuit.

Using a three-state output is the best place for power management.

The TXB0104RUTR level converter has an operating temperature range ranging from-40 C to 85 C.

The tape packaging will be used during transportation, Ensuring safe delivery and the ability to install components quickly.

This device’s typical operating power supply voltage is     1.8|1.8/2.5|1.8/3.3|1.8/5|2.5|2.5/3.3|2.5/5|3.3|3.3/5 V.

Its minimum operating power supply voltage is 1.2 / 1.65 V, while its maximum value is 3.6 / 5.5 V.

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