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The TI TPS92691 has a multi-topological LED drive with a track-to-track current sensing amplifier.

The TI TPS92691 / -Q1 is a universal LED controller that supports a range of boost or step-down drive topologies . The device implements fixed

frequency peak current mode control technology , programmable switching frequency  ,   slope compensation and soft start timing.It incorporates a

high voltage (65V) rail-to-rail current sensing amplifier to directly measure the LED current using either high or low side series sensing resistance.

The amplifier can be used to achieve a low input offset voltage and obtain better LED current accuracy than ± in the 25 C to 140 C junction

temperature range and an output common mode voltage range of 0 to 60V .

LED currents can be modulated individually using analog or PWM dimming techniques .  A linear analog dimming response with a 15:1 range is

obtained by changing the voltage from 140mV to 2.25V in a high impedance analog adjustment input (IADJ) range .  The PWM dimming of the LED

current is achieved by modulating the PWM input pin to the desired duty cycle and frequency .  Use the optional DDRV gate driver output to enable

the series FET dimming function to achieve a contrast above 1000:1 .

TPS92691 / -Q1 supports continuous check of LED status through current monitoring output . This enables LED short circuit or open circuit

detection and protection.Other fault protection features include VCC UVLO ,  output overvoltage protection (OVP) ,  switch periodic current limit ,

and thermal protection .

Features of the TI TPS92691 ;

Wide input voltage range : 4.5V to 65V                                                                                                         

Wide output voltage range : 2V to 65V

-Low-input offset rail-to-rail current sensing amplifier

Within the junction temperature range of 25 C to 140 C ,

Better than ± 3% light-emitting diode (LED) current accuracy .

-Compatible with the high side and low side current sensing elements .

-High impedance analog LED current regulated input (IADJ) , contrast above 15:1

-Using an integrated series N channel dimming drive connection with over 1000:1 series FCT (FET)

Pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming ratio .

-With a LED current continuous monitoring output for system fault detection and diagnosis

-Programmable switching frequency to achieve synchronization with the external clock

-Programmable soft start and ramp compensation

-Integrated fault protection circuit , including supply voltage (VCC) undervoltage lock (UVLO) ,

output overvoltage protection (OVP) , periodic switching current limit, and thermal protection .

-TPS92691-Q1 : Compliance with automobile class Q100

Applications of the TI TPS92691 ;

-Car exterior lighting

-Building lighting and general lighting