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TPS5430DDAR has a wide input voltage, low static power consumption, high conversion efficiency, and adopts a small heat resistance enhanced

type of 8 pins.Package the SOIC-8.

TPS5430DDAR is a high output current PWM converter that integrates low resistance, high-end N channel MOSFET.Not only the area included

on the substrate with the listed functions is the high performance voltage error amplifier, but also provides strict voltage regulation accuracy under

transient conditions; an undervoltage lock circuit to prevent starting before the input voltage reaches 5.5 V; an internal slow start circuit to limit the

surge current; and a voltage feedforward circuit to improve the transient response.With the ENA pin, the power-off current usually drops to 18?

A.Other functions include high efficient enabling, overflow limitation, overpressure protection and heat off

The TPS5430DDAR components are heat-resistant, easy-to-use 8-pins, and the SOIC-8 package.TI provides evaluation modules and Designer

software tools that can help quickly achieve high-performance power design to meet aggressive device development cycles.

Product features of the TI TPS5430DDAR;

-Input voltage range: TPS5430:5.5 V to 36 V,TPS5431:5.5V to 23 V

-Continuous (peak 4A) output current of up to 3A.

-110m Ω integrated MOSFET switch achieves up to 95% high efficiency

-Wide output voltage range: adjustable to as low as 1.22 V, with an initial accuracy of 1.5%

-Internal compensation minimizes the number of external parts

-Fixed 500 kHz switch frequency for smaller filter sizes

-Output persistent current up to 3A and peak current up to 4A.

-Systems with overflow limitation, overvoltage protection and heat-off protection

-Operating temperature is: -40~125℃