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The TPS54160DGQR device is a 60V, 1.5A, buck regulator with integrated high-side MOSFETs.  Current mode control provides simple external compensation and flexible component selection, and a shaded ripple pulse-skipping mode reduces the quiescent current of the no-load light-regulated output to 116 μA By using the enable pin, the shutdown supply can be reduced to 13μA Undervoltage lockout is set to 2.5 MHz at the internal switching frequency, but can be increased with an enable pin The output voltage start-up ramp is controlled by the slow-start pin. The pin can also be configured to control sorting/tracking An open-drain source normal signal indicates that the output is within 94% to 107% of its benchmark voltage. The wide switching frequency range allows for evolutionary optimization of efficiency and external component size. Frequency foldback and thermal shutdown protect components in case of overload.

TPS54160DGQR input voltage 3.5V ~ 60V, output voltage 0.8V ~ 58V, the device has an overtemperature protection function, the use of 10-pin PowerPad-MSOP package, easy to transport, its operating temperature in -40 °C ~ 150 °C (TJ).

TPS54160DGQR Features:

—3.5 V to 60 V input voltage range

—200 m high side MOSFET

—Pulse-skipping eco mode enables high efficiency under light loads

—Adjustable UVLO Voltage and hysteresis

—116μA Quiescent Operating Current

—1.3μA shutdown current

—Switching frequency from 100kHz to 2.5MHz

—Synchronized to an external clock

—Adjustable slow start/sort

—UV and OV power output is good

—0.8V Internal Reference

MSOP10 and 3mm x 3mm VSON packages with PowerPAD