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TPS3808G01DBVR is a low static current programmable delay monitoring circuit that monitors the system voltage from 0.4V to 5V and sends a drain open reset signal when the detection voltage drops below a preset threshold or the manual reset (MR) pin drops to a logic low level. After the sense voltage and the manual reset (MR) return above the respective threshold value, the reset output remains low for the user-adjustable delay time.

The TPS3808G01DBVR device uses a precision voltage reference with a threshold accuracy of 0.5% for VIT<=3.3V 。By disconnecting the CT pin, the reset delay time can be set to 20ms; by using resistors will The CT pin connects to the VDD to set the reset delay time to 300ms, or by taking the CT The pins are connected to an external capacitor, and the user can adjust the reset delay time between 1.25ms /10s.

The TPS3808G01DBVR device has an ultra-low typical static current of 2.4 A. For laptops and desktops, portable and battery-powered products, DSP or microcontroller applications, PDA and handheld products, etc.

TPS3808G01DBVR package with SOT-23 and 2mm WSON with a minimum rated operating temperature of 40 C. The maximum operating temperature is 125 C.