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The TPS1H100BQPWPRQ1 uses an N channel output driver, the maximum output current of the device is 4A, the input voltage 5V~40V, and the conductive resistance (typical value) is 80 ms. When the TPS1H100BQPWPRQ1 normal operating temperature range -40℃ ~125 C, the device uses a 14-pin surface-mounted HTSSOP tape package to facilitate transportation.

TPS1H100BQPWPRQ1 is a high-side power switch with full protection that integrates NMOS power FET and charge pump for intelligent control of resistance, perceptual and capacitive loads. The precise current detection and programmable current limiting properties make the device stand out from the market.

TPS1H100BQPWPRQ1 is widely used in power switches for low power lamps, high side relays and solenoid valves, PLC digital output power switches, general resistance, perceptual, and capacitive loads

TPS1H100BQPWPRQ1 Features:

Device temperature grade 1:40 C to 125 C ambient operating temperature range

Single-channel intelligent high-end power switch with full diagnostic function

Diagnosis enabling capability for CM analog or digital interface multiplexing

Heat off / swing with self-recovery function

Input control, 3.3V and 5V logic are compatible

On and off-state output open circuit and battery short circuit detection

Overload and short circuit to ground detection and current limit

Reverse battery protection with an external circuit

14. Pin hot-enhanced PWP package

Protect the overload and short-circuit protection

Emotional load voltage clamp

Undervoltage locking (UVLO) protection

Functional safety capability