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The TI BQ24725ARGRR is an efficient, synchronous battery charger with low component

counts for space-limited, multi-chemical battery charging applications. The BQ24725ARGRR

uses two charging pumps to drive the n-channel MOSFETs (ACFET, RBFET, and BATFE),

respectively, for automatic system power selection. The SMBus input current, charging current,

and charging voltage controlled by the DAC have a high adjustment accuracy and can be easily

programmed by the system power management microcontroller.BQ24725ARGRR uses internal

input current registers or external ILIM pins to suppress PWM modulation to reduce the charging

current. The BQ24725ARGRR can charge one, two, three, or four series of lithium electronic


The switching frequency of the BQ24725ARGRR is 616 GHz, with a minimum output

the voltage of 1V and a maximum output voltage of19V, The operating temperature of the device is

0℃ ~ 125℃ (TJ), using a small 20-pin 3.5mmx 3.5mm2VQFN package.

The BQ24725ARGRR property;

-The NMOS-NMOS synchronous antihypertensive converter is controlled by the SMBus host, and

the switching frequency can be programmed to 615kHz, 750kHz, and 885kHz.

-The N channel MOSFET automatically selects the system power supply by adapter or internal

charge pump drive batteries.

-Enhanced safety features that provide overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, batteries,

inductors and MOSFET short-circuit protection.

-Programmable input current, charging voltage, charging current limit

-The charge voltage is up to 19.2V, with an accuracy of ± 0.5%

-Up to 8.128A of charging current, with a precision of ± 3%

-Up to 8.064A of the input current, with a precision of ± 3%

-The 20x adapter current or charging current amplifier output accuracy is ± 2%

-The ILIM pins can be system controlled in real-time to limit the charging current

-The AC adapters will range from 4.5V to 24V

-The discharge current of the disconnected state battery is 5 A

-Adapter standby static current is 0.65mA (max. 0.8mA)

BQ24725ARGRR Application;

•Portable laptop,

•ultra-portable personal computer

•Ultrathin notebooks


•Handheld device terminal

•Industrial and Medical Equipment

•portable set