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SN75176BDR is a differential bus transceiver that refers to two-way data communication on multipoint bus transmission lines. These

devices are specifically designed to balance the transmission lines;and comply with the ANSI standards TIA / EIA-422-B and TIA / EIA-485-A

and the ITU recommendations V.11 and X.27. The SN75176BDR device combines a three-state differential line driver and a differential input

line receiver, both powered by a single 5V power supply. The drive and the receiver have both high-level efficient and low-level efficient

enabling signals, respectively, which can be externally connected together, for use as directional control. The drive differential output and the

receiver differential input are connected internally, to form the differential input / output (I / O) bus ports that provide a minimum load for the

bus when the drive is disabled, or when VCC = 0. These ports have a wide range of positive and negative common -mode voltages, making the

device suitable for industrial, communication, and network applications.

The SN75176BDR drive is designed to achieve a fill or pull current of up to 60mA. The drive has a positive and negative current limit

and a heat-off function to avoid line failure. Thermal shutdown occurs by design at a junction temperature of approximately 150 C. However,

the SN75176BDR receiver has a minimum input impedance of 12 kΩ,  input sensitivity of the ± of 200mV, and a typical input lag of

50mV. The operating temperature of the device is 0℃ ~ 70℃, with 8 pins, and a SOIC package.

SN75176BDR features;

•Designed specifically for multipoint transmission on long buses in noisy environments

•Separate drive and receiver are enabled

•Drive positive and negative current limit

•Green products, no Sb / Br

•Two-way transceiver

•Thermal closure protection