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The SN74LVC1G125DCKR is a bus buffer door designed for 1.65 to 5.5V VCC operations.The device is a single-line drive with a three-

state output.The output is disabled when the output enable (OE) input is high.The CMOS devices have a high output drive capability, while

maintaining a low static power consumption over a wide VCC operating range.The minimum operating temperature of the device is-40 C, and

the highest operating temperature is + 85 C, while the surface-mounted 5-pin SC-70 packaging type is adopted.The SN74LVC1G125DCKR is

mainly suitable for national defense, military and aviation, communication and network, motor drive and control, power management,

consumer electronics, imaging, video and visual, etc.

SN74LVC1G125DCKR Features;

The Ioff supports charged insertion, partial power loss mode, and rear-drive protection

Latch performance exceeds the 100mA of the Class II JESD 78

The maximum transmission delay time of 3.3V was 3.7ns                                                                                   

± 24mA output drive at 3.3V

Low power consumption, with a maximum ICC of 10? A

Provide a translation down to the VCC

Input accept voltage to 5.5V

Support for 5V VCC operation