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The OP07CP chip has an amplifier, which is a low-noise, non-cut, stable-zero bipolar (double-power supply) operational amplifier integrated circuit. Because OP07CP has very low input imbalance voltage, very low imbalance voltage temperature drift, and very low input noise voltage amplitude, this low disorder, high open ring gain characteristic makes OP07CP. particularly suitable for high gain measurement equipment and weak signal amplification sensor. The combination of the OP07CP input compensation voltage range 60 V, with a common-mode suppression ratio of up to 110dB and a high input impedance, provides high accuracy in in-phase circuit resistance, maintaining excellent linear and gain accuracy even at a very high closed-loop gain. The operating voltage of OP07CP is 3V ~ 18V, with a width of 600 kHz. The operating temperature of the device is 0℃ ~ 70℃, with 8 pins, and miniature (9.81 mm * 6.35 mm * 4.57 mm) packaging, convenient for safe transportation.

OP07CP Features:

1.Low input noise voltage amplitude- -0.35 VP-P (0.1Hz ~ 10Hz)

2.Very low input imbalance voltage drift-0.2 V / ℃

3.Very low input imbalance voltage-10 V

4.Wide power supply voltage range- ± 3V ~ ± 22V

5.Wide Common-mode input voltage range- – ± 14V

6.Long-term stability- -0.2 V / MO

7.High co-mode inhibition ratio – 126dB





The OP07CP pin function description;

1 Foot: offset the balance

2. Foot: Reverse input end

3 Foot: the forward input end

4 Foot: GND

5 Foot: empty foot

6 Foot: output

7 Foot: VCC +

8 Foot: offset the balance

The OP07CP is very suitable for low noise and high precision to amplify ultra-low signals. The device is mainly suitable for audio, signal processing, communication, and network, especially suitable for aerospace and military classes.