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NE555DR is a universal time-based circuit containing 24 transistors, 2 diodes ,and 17 resistors, forming a threshold comparator, trigger

comparator, RS trigger, reset input, discharge ,and output and other 6 parts.

The NE555DR is a precision timing circuit capable of exporting precise time delays or oscillations. In time delay or monostable

operating mode, the timing interval is controlled by an external resistor and capacitor array. In the stable operating mode, the frequency and

duty cycle can be controlled by two external resistors and an external capacitor. The threshold values and the trigger levels are usually 2 / 3 and

1 / 3 of the VCC, respectively. These levels can be changed by using a control voltage terminal. . When the trigger input is below the trigger

level, the trigger is set and the output becomes higher. If the trigger input is above the trigger level, and the threshold input is above the

threshold level, the trigger is reset, and the output becomes low.

NE555DR is suitable for; clock and timing, consumer electronics, defense, military and aviation, Embedded design and development.

The NE555DR property;

•TTL is compatible with output, pull current and irrigation current up to 2mA

•Good temperature stability, 0.005%/℃

•Timing runs from microseconds to hours

•Unstable or monostable operation

•Close time is less than 2 S.

•Good temperature stability, 0.005%/℃

•Duty cycle adjustable

The NE555DR parameter;                                                                                                                         

-Supply voltage: 4.5-16V

-Supply current: 10mA

-Up / down time: 100 ns

-Operating temperature: 0 C to 70 C

-Frequency; 100 kHz

-Package: SOIC-8

-Static current; 2.00 mA

-Needle foot number; 8