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  LMT87QDCKRQ1 is a precision CMOS temperature sensor with a typical accuracy of ±0.4°C (up to ±2.7°C) and a linear analog output voltage that is inversely proportional to temperature. A 2.7V operating supply voltage, 5.4μA quiescent current, and 0.7ms turn-on time enable an Efficient power supply. Loop architecture to minimize power consumption in battery-powered applications such as drones and sensor nodes.

The device is AEC-Q1000 qualified and maintains a maximum accuracy of ±2.7°C over the entire operating temperature range without calibration.

LMT87QDCKRQ1 is ideal for automotive applications such as infotainment systems, instrument clusters, and powertrains.

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– Device temperature class 0: –40°C to +150°C

– Device Human Body Discharge Model (HBM) Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Classification Level 2

– Device CDM ESD classification class C6

  • Very precise: typical values ± 0.4°C
  • 2.7V low voltage operation
  • -13.6mV/°C average sensor gain
  • Low quiescent current of 5.4μA
  • Wide temperature range: –50°C to 150°C
  • Output is short-circuit protected
  • Push-pull output with ± 50μA drive capability