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The LM358DR device is an industry-standard operational amplifier.LM358DR Includes two high-voltage (36V) operational amplifiers. These devices offer excellent value for cost-sensitive applications, including the conversion rate (300 V, typical value), ground-ground common-mode input range, and high differential input voltage capacity. The LM358DR operational amplifier utilizes unit gain stability, and a lower input compensation voltage of 3 mV Enhanced features such as lower static current (300 A per amplifier, typical value) simplify electricity Road design. The operating range of the LM358DR amplifier is the operating temperature from 0℃ to 70℃, Needle foot number 8, the device is 4.9 mm * 3.91 mm * 1.58 mm package (like SOT23-8).

The LM358DR property;

•The common-mode input voltage range includes ground

•The maximum input dysregulated voltage at 25 C is 2 mV

•Wide power supply voltage range from 3V to 36V

•Static current: 300 A / channel

The LM358DR application;

•Commercial Network and Server Power Units

•Power supply and mobile charger

•Desktop computer and the motherboard

•Washer, dryer, and refrigerator

•multi-function printer

•Indoor and outdoor air conditioning

     TI A range of universal operational amplifiers is suitable for a variety of uses. These devices offer economical performance in non-professional applications and offer single-, dual-, and four-way configurations. The range includes a variety of through-holes and surface-mounting packages. Many devices in the operational amplifier LM series provide low power consumption and can operate with a single power supply, with an input common-mode voltage, including grounding.