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The LM339N is an integrated block equipped with four separate voltage comparators internally. These comparators can be powered by a single power source over a wide voltage range.

These devices can also be powered by dual power sources, as long as the voltage difference between the two power sources is at 2V Within the range of 36V and the VCC is at least + 1.5V higher than the input common-mode voltage. The drain current is not affected by the power supply voltage.

The output can be connected to another collector open output to enable wired-AND association.

  LM339N uses a double-line 14-foot package, the number of channels is 4 Channels, the output type is Open Collector and a response time of 1.3 us.LM339N minimum operating temperature: 0 C, maximum working temperature: 70 C.

   LM339N Features:

1. The imbalance voltage is small, with a typical value of 2mV

2. The power supply voltage range is wide, the single power supply is 2- -36V,

3. The internal resistance limit on the comparison signal sources is wide

4. The output end potential can be selected flexibly and conveniently

5. The common-mode range is relatively large