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The LM324N  is a circuit consisting of four separate operational amplifiers. Designed to operate in a single power supply in a wide

voltage range (1.2 MHz), but also in dual power supply conditions. The circuit is widely used in household appliances and industrial

automation and light, machine, and electrical integration field.

The LM324N features are as follows:

-Wide working voltage range of single power supply; single power supply ranges from 3 V to 30 V,

-Dual power supply operating voltage range; ± 1.5V~ ± 15V

-Intains phase correction loop with few peripheral elements

-Low consumption current: Icc=0.6mA (typical value, R L =∞)

-Low bias current: max. 100nA (LM324A)

-Low input imbalance voltage: ± 2mV (typical value)

-Wide voltage output range: 0 V ~ Vcc—1.5V

-Common-mode input voltage range is wide: 0 V ~ Vcc—1.5V

-Has the function of internal compensation.

-The common-mode range is extended to negative power sources

-Pin arrangement of industry standards

-The input terminal has the electrostatic protection function

-Sprint protection output

-Package form: DIP14

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