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The TI LM25149 chip is the first advanced DC / DC controller with an integrated active EMI filter. Support engineers to achieve ultra-small low EMI power supply design.The device can be used to reduce the size of power supplies and reduce the EMI in industrial and automotive electronics. With an integrated active EMI filter, the LM25149 chip can meet the EMI standards, while improving the designed power density. Halve the area of the external EMI filter, reduce the conduction EMI on multiple bands in the power supply design by up to 55dB V, or simultaneously reduce the filter size and reduce the EMI.

The LM25149 chip also supports satisfying challenging EMI standards and reducing the solution size by reducing the area and volume of the passive EMI filters. The controller of the LM25149 chip further improves power density by enabling interleaved duplex operation and integrating bootstrap diodes, and loop compensation, reducing design complexity and cost.

The new TI LMG3525R030-Q1HVDA553QDRQ1-Buy Texas Instruments parts are the industry’s first advanced automotive GaN FET with integrated drive, protection, and active power management capabilities. In high voltage and high-density applications, reducing the cloth board space more greatly is an important factor. As electronic systems get smaller, various components also have to reduce size and spacing.

TI’s new GaN FET integrates fast-switch drives, internal protection, and temperature sensing capabilities, The new GaN FET uses the ideal diode mode of TI to reduce power consumption. For example, in power factor correction (PFC), the ideal diode model reduces the third quadrant loss by up to 66% compared to the discrete GaN and SiC metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors. The ideal diode model also eliminates the need for adaptive dead-zone time control, reducing firmware complexity and development time. The TI GaN FET package has a 23% lower thermal impedance than similar packaging products and, therefore, engineers are able to use smaller radiators, However, GaN has developed rapidly in recent years. Due to TI’s years of hard work in GaN technology, LMG3525R030-Q1 products can have both high performance and smaller cloth board space. In addition, the ideal diode model greatly reduces the firmware complexity and development time. In addition, TI provides engineers with complete design resources and design services, so that this product can stand out.