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The  TI   ISO7221ADR  and ISO7220x series devices are dual channel digital isolators . To facilitate the PCB layout , each channel is in the same direction in ISO7220x and the opposite direction in ISO7221ADR .

These devices have logical input and output buffers separated by TI’s silica (SiO2) insulated grid to provide 4000VPK.When used in conjunction with isolated power supplies , these devices prevent high voltage and isolated ground,and prevent noise currents on the data bus or other circuits from entering the local ground or causing interference or damage to sensitive circuits .

The binary input signals are conditioned and converted into balanced signals , and then differentiated by a capacitive isolation layer . Across this isolation layer , the difference  comparator  can  receive  logical  conversion  information  and  then  set or  reset  the  trigger  and  accordingly  output circuit .

The circuit will send regular update pulses across the isolation layer to ensure a normal DC level output.If this DC update pulse is not received every 4s , the input is assumed unpowered or unactively driven , and the fault protection circuit drives the output to a logic high  level  state .

The  low capacitance and generated time constant provide high-speed operation with a signal transmission rate range of 0Mbps (DC) to 150Mbps (the signal transmission rate on the line is the number of  voltage  transitions  per  second ,  expressed  in  bps) .

The  A ,  B ,  and  C  option  devices  have  TTL transmission Entry threshold, and a noise filter on the input prevents the transmission of transient pulses to the output of the device.M The option device has a CMOSVCC / 2 input threshold, no input noise filter as well as additional propagation delay.

The ISO7220x and ISO7221x series devices require two 2.8V (Class C), 3.3V, A 5V power supply, or any combination of these power sources.When powered by a 2.8V or 3.3V power supply, all inputs can tolerate a 5V voltage, and all outputs are 4mACMOS.The ISO7220x and ISO7221x series devices operate in an ambient temperature range from 40 to + 125 C .

Features of the TI ISO7220ADR ;

-The 1 ,5 ,25 , and 150Mbps signal transmission rate options

-Low channel to channel output offset ; the maximum value is 1ns

-Low pulse width distortion (PWD) ; the maximum value is 1ns                                                   

-Low jitter ; a typical value of 1ns at a rate of 150Mbps

-Typical transient disturbance resistance at 50kV / s

-Work with 2.8V (Class C) , 3.3V, or 5V power supplies

-4kV static discharge (ESD) protection

-High electromagnetic perturbation

-Operating temperature range is from 40 C to + 125 C

-The normal service life at the rated voltage is 28 years

-Safety related recognition

-Compliance with DIN VDEV 0884-11:2017-01 and DIN EN61010-1

(VDE0411-1) Standard 4000VPKVIOTM, 560 VPKVIORMVDE basic insulation

– 2500VRMS isolation meeting UL 1577 standards

-The CSA approved both IEC 60950-1 and IEC 62368-1

TI ISO7220ADR applications ;

-Industrial field bus


– Profibus™

-The DeviceNet™ data bus

-Computer peripheral interface

-Server control interface