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The TI brand line of ISO3086DWR devices is isolated with all-duplex differential line drives and receiver, and this “device” is ideal for long transmission lines as the ground circuit is disconnected to allow for a larger common-mode voltage range.

The symmetric, symmetric isolation gate of the device has been tested to provide a 2,500 VRMS 60-second isolation interface between the bus transceiver and the logic level according to the UL1577 standard. Any wired input/output may be affected by electrical noise transients from a variety of sources. If in these words the noise transients have sufficient amplitude and duration, they may damage the transceivers and/or nearby sensitive circuits. This isolation These devices can significantly improve protection and reduce the risk of damage to expensive control circuits.

The ISO3086DWR device is certified to operate in the 40C to + 85C range.

TI ISO3086DWR  characteristic ;

-Meet or exceed the TIA / EIA RS-485 requirements

-Signaling rate was up to 20 Mbps

-Up to 256 nodes on the 1 / 8 unit load bus

-Thermal closure protection

-Low bus capacitance: 16 pF (typical value)

-50 kV / s typical transient disturbance resistance

-Bus disconnected, short circuit, idle fault safety receiver

-3.3V input has 5V voltage resistance

-Bus Pin ESD protection


-12 kV HBM between the bus pin and GND2

-The 6 kV HBM between the bus pin and GND1

-Safety and regulatory approval

-2500 V RMS isolation as per UL 1577

-4000 V PK isolation as per CSA Component

Acceptance Notice 5A and IEC 60950-1

TI ISO3086DWR application area ;

•security system

•Chemical production

•factory automation

•Motor and motion control

•HVAC and building automation network