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The ISO124 is a precision isolation amplifier with a novel duty cycle modulation technology. Signals are transmitted digitally through a 2 pF differential capacitance barrier. Through digital modulation, the isolation layer feature does not affect the signal integrity, but also provides excellent reliability and excellent high-frequency transient resistance for the isolation layer. Both isolation layer capacitors are embedded in the packaged plastic body. The ISO124 is very easy to use. Run without the need for external components. The maximum value of 0.010% Nonlinear values of, 50-kHz signal bandwidth and 200-V / CV OS drift.

The power supply range of the ISO124 equipment is ± 4.5 V to ± 18 V, the static current is ± 5 mA (V S1), and the ISO124 uses 16-pin PDIP and 28-pin SOIC plastic surface mounting packaging. The main application fields of the equipment are signal processing, industrial, motor drive, and control, system monitoring, etc.

The ISO124 property;

100% High-pressure breakdown test

High IMR: dB at 14,060 H z

Power supply range: ± 4.5 V to ± 18 V

High IMR of 140dB at 60Hz

Rated continuous isolation voltage is 1,500 V r m s

The Operating temperature range is-25 C to 85 C

Bipolar operation: V O = ± 10 V

Maximum non-linear: 0.010%

The input dysregulated voltage is 20mV

The small-signal bandwidth is 50KHz

Enclosure: PDIP-16 and SOIC-28