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The TI ISO1050DWR is an electroplating-isolated CAN transponder that meets or exceeds the ISO11898-2  standard – specification. This device

has several logical input and output buffers separated by the silicon oxide (SiO 2) insulated grids explaining the  ISO1050DW  in the first paragraph

and the 2500 V RMS for the ISO1050DUB Using isolated power supplies, this device prevents noise currents on the data bus or other circuits

from entering the local ground and interfering with and damaging sensitive circuits . As  a  CAN  transceiver, the  device  can  provide  differential

transmission capacity and differential reception capacity for  the  bus  and  CAN  controllers, respectively, with a  signal  transmission  rate  of up to 1

megabit per second  (Mbps).  This device is particularly suitable for working in harsh environments, with string, overvoltage, and ground loss

protection (-27V to 40V) and overheat turn-off functions, with a co-mode voltage range of-12V to 12V.  The  ISO1050DWR  has a  rated operating

environment temperature range from-55 C to 105 C.

The TI ISO1050DWR property ;

•Low loop latency: 150ns (typical) , 210ns (max)

•Meet the requirements of the ISO11898-2

•5,000 V RMS Isolation (ISO1050DW)

•2,500 V RMS Isolation

•Failure safety output

•50kV / s transient resistance, typical values

•-27V to 40V bus fault protection

•Drive (TXD) dominant timeout function

•The I / O voltage range supports both 3.3V and 5V microprocessors

•UL 1577 approved

•CSA approval via IEC 60950-1, IEC 61010-1, IEC 60601-1 ,

Version III (Medical), and Component Acceptance of Notification 5A

•Typical value at rated operating voltage is 25 years service life to characteristic

TI  ISO1050DWR Application ;

-Industrial automation, Control, Sensors, and drive systems

-Security system


-medical treatment