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The TI BQ24715RGRR is an NVDC-1 synchronous battery charger controller, and the battery charger controller has a low static current, and high light-load efficiency for the 2S or 3S lithium-ion battery charging applications, thus providing a low component number. Power path management adjusts the voltage on the battery voltage, but does not drop below the minimum voltage of the programmable system.

TI BQ24715RGRR provides N-channel ACFET and RBFET drives for power path management. It also provides drives for the external P-channel battery FET. Loop compensation is fully integrated. The BQ24715RGRR provides a programmable voltage with extremely high voltage stabilization accuracy, 11-bit charging voltage, 7-bit input / charging current, and 6-bit minimum system voltage through the SMBus communication interface.

BQ24715RGRR monitors the adapter current or battery discharge current through the IOUT pins, enabling the host to reduce the CPU speed when required, and BQ24715RGRR provides a wide range of safety features for over current, over-voltage, and MOSFET short circuits.

BQ24715RGRR applications include; Ultrabook, laptops, tablets, industrial, medical, and portable devices.

Features of the BQ24715RGRR;

-The 6-24V Input System Management Bus (SMBus) NVDC-12-3S Battery Charger Control.

-Maximize the performance during deep discharging or battery batteries

-The ultrafast transient response for 100s

-Ultra-low static current of 500 A,

-Programmable system with high accuracy                                                                                                     

-The stabilization range of charging voltage is ± 0.5% ± 3%

-Switch frequency is 800 kHz

-The number of pins is 20

-Package the VQFN-20