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        MMBT2222ALT1G is a universal NPN bipolar transistor handling high voltage.    Designed for linear, low-power surface mounting and switch applications.

       The maximum emitter-base voltage of the MMBT2222ALT1G bipolar junction transistor is 6 V.   Its maximum power consumption is 300 mW.

       The product will be tape-wrapped:  SOT-23-3 Shipping,   allowing for quick installation and safe delivery.

       The MMBT2222ALT1G bipolar junction transit temperature is-55 C and the maximum operating temperature is 150 C.   The maximum collector-emitter voltage of MMBT2222ALT1G is 40 V and the maximum emitter-base voltage is 6 V.The number of pins is 3。

      ON MMBT2222ALT1G is widely used in signal processing,   industrial, and automotive applications.

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