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          The ON SEMICONDUCTOR MBR0520LT1G chip is a surface-mounted Schottky rectifier power supply. This device is used for low voltage, high frequency rectification, continuation, and polarity protection applications. The maximum repetitive reverse voltage of MBR0520LT1G chip is Vrrm 20V, rated current 500 mA, output current 500 mA, number of pins 2, forward voltage 0.385 V, thermal resistance 150℃ / W (R JL), forward current 500 mA, maximum forward surge current (Ifsm) 5.5 A, the forward voltage (Max) 385 mV, forward current (Max) 500 mA, minimum operating temperature-65℃ or maximum 125℃, pins; 2, encapsulation; SOD-123.

        The ON SEMICONDUCTOR MBR0520LT1G is extensive. Applications in: power management, industry, portable equipment, consumer electronics, automotive, etc.